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L.B. Foster operates the most advanced concrete tie manufacturing facility in North America. The company’s concrete ties are produced with innovative technology on high capacity lines in Spokane, Washington.

CXT Incorporated

On June 30, 1999, CXT Inc. was acquired by the L.B. Foster Company which is engaged in the manufacture, fabrication and distribution of rail and trackwork, piling, highway products, earth wall systems, and threaded and coated pipe. Working together with L.B. Foster, CXT continues to grow its precast concrete and railroad products markets. CXT maintains a leadership role in the design and development of concrete rail products, having produced more than 12 million prestressed concrete ties, more than any other North American manufacturer.

Our staff of experienced engineers and skilled tie-makers produce the finest concrete rail products available today. CXT makes a commitment to its customers, its industry, and its future that the quality of CXT products and services will always meet our customer’s full satisfaction. Toward this end, CXT became ISO 9001 certified in 2000 and has maintained AAR M-1003 quality certification since 1995.

CXT History

CXT Inc. originated as Con-Force Costain Concrete Tie Co. Ltd. in 1973, designing, manufacturing, and marketing railroad ties throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. Seventy-five percent of the original company was owned by Con-Force Products of Calgary, Canada, a Genstar subsidiary, and twenty-five percent by Costain Concrete Limited of England.

In 1986, the name changed to CXT, Inc., an acronym for Concrete Cross Ties. Senior management and employees purchased the U.S. portion of the company from the offshore owners in 1990 with an ESOP. The firm then diversified into new products such as concrete turnout ties, grade crossing panels and small buildings. Today, CXT Inc. continues to explore and manufacture innovative new products for the prestressed concrete markets.