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Industrial / Port Projects

Ind-lafarge Or
  • Ind-lafarge Or
    Lafarge Cement Terminal, Eugene, OR
  • Ind-lafarge Wa
    Lafarge Cement Terminal, Spokane Valley, WA
  • Ind-quincy
    Port of Quincy, Quincy, WA
  • Ind-vancouver
    Port of Vancouver, Vancouver, WA
  • Ind-simplot
    Simplot Feeders, Wallula, WA
  • Ind-vancouver2
    Port of Vancouver, Vancouver, WA

Ind-lafarge Or


For more than two decades L.B. Foster has worked closely with owners and engineering firms to standardize CXT Concrete Tie design that is environmentally-sound, economically-effective and provides proven life cycle cost benefits.

Our CXT industrial ties offer solutions that save time and money while providing a better track structure compared to that of wood or steel ties. CXT Concrete Ties also have the flexibility to be customized to meet our customers specific requirements.

CXT Concrete Ties can provide an estimated cost savings of 10% to 15% when compared to timber ties using conventional track construction methods. When mechanized track laying systems are used, the CXT expense can be as much a 20% to 30% lower than wood ties. Life cycle maintenance expenses for concrete ties are also lower than wood tires.

Our concrete ties are more environmentally-friendly than wood ties. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacture and life cycle of concrete ties appear to be less than those produced by timber ties. CXT Concrete Ties also require no toxic preservatives and avoid the disposal issue associated with treated timber ties removed from service.

CXT fully pre-stressed concrete ties have a minimum length of 8’3’’, weigh 600 pounds or less and can be spaced up to 28” centers provided there is a minimum ballast section of 8” below the tie. CXT Concrete Ties have been used on major West Coast and Columbia River port projects, food processing plants, oil refineries, cement plants, landfills, wood processing plants, intermodal facilities, coal fire generation plants, ethanol plants, and coal and ore mines.