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Company to Manufacture Ties at Spokane, WA Facility for Bull Mountain Project

L.B. Foster Company announced that it's wholly owned subsidiary, CXT Inc., has been awarded a contract with Volkmann Railroad Builders, Inc. to supply 87,000 concrete railroad ties for the 35 mile rail spur at the Bull Mountain coal mine in central Montana. In addition to the concrete ties, the Company will also supply various clips, pads and insulators used to secure the rail to the tie.

Plans are in place to increase dramatically coal production at this mine over the next several years. The rail spur to existing main railroad lines is needed to supply the coal to power generation plants in the eastern US.

These ties will be manufactured at L.B. Foster's Spokane, WA plant. This ISO 9001:2000 registered and PCI certified facility produces prestressed concrete ties for heavy haul mainline, high-speed commuter, light rail and industrial track construction and rehabilitation projects.

Mark Hammons, National Sales Manager, said that this award culminates several years of work by the Company. According to Hammons, "We have been working on supplying our concrete ties for the Bull Mountain project for the last couple of years. Given the demands that hauling coal in 286,000 pound cars will place on this spur, concrete ties were the right answer to build out the track. Using concrete ties versus traditional wood ties provides substantial life cycle cost savings, such as ease of installation, fewer required ties per track mile, greater life expectancy, reduced maintenance and excellent gauge holding. Concrete ties are also environmentally friendly."

Rick Volkmann, President of Volkmann Railroad Builders, Inc. reinforced the advantages of using concrete ties for this project. "The owner was impressed by the lower life-cycle cost and the quicker completion time by using concrete ties."